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Elevate your logistics efficiency with precision palletization. Our advanced mathematical programming minimizes pallet dimensions, optimizes weight distribution, and reduces shipping costs, ensuring unparalleled supply chain optimization.

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OptiStack, a cutting-edge AI solution, elevates your supply chain efficiency through precision palletization. Initially designed for items such as windows, it can be extended to support any type of box-shaped item. This tool utilizes custom optimization methods based on mathematical programming to minimize pallet dimensions and optimize weight distribution, while significantly reducing shipping costs. For example, in made-to-order type of production, the orders and dimensions of all goods that are manufactured during the next production cycle are known in advance. By automatically computing the optimal packaging strategy for shipping pallets, downstream logistics providers can precisely estimate transport volumes, reducing excessive storage and delays in the logistic value chain.

Key Features:

- Tailored Optimization: Our advanced mathematical programming ensures the efficient subdivision of large set of items in different pallets, minimizing pallet dimensions while optimizing weight distribution. Different objective functions can also be considered.

- Custom Pallet Support: Seamlessly integrate custom pallets, not just reducing wood waste but also adhering to sustainability practices.

- Versatility Across Industries: Adapt OptiStack to various product lines, guaranteeing efficiency gains throughout your supply chain.

- Supply Chain Enhancement: Improve logistics efficiency, reduce the risk of damaged items, and achieve a faster time-to-customer with OptiStack.

Use Case:

Any situation in which there is value in determining an optimal palletization.