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Author-e as documentation tool

Automated documentation of Cordis suite generated code by Author-e

App related to Digitalization for Manufacturing in the context of Machinery and equipment

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Author-e is an expert in advanced document creation tooling. The company develops and delivers the Author-e tool, an online document editing environment for various markets like education (eLearning), legal (contracts), European framework program (proposals, reporting), and manufacturing (technical documentation).

What is inside: 

  • The Author-e tool allows the collaborative writing of documents by literary unlimited numbers of users without performance penalties. 
  • Thanks to the fine granularity of rights and roles settings within the document the owner is continuously in control. 
  • The full tracking of the modifications - with a restore option – improves the controllability. 
  • The metadata module allows fine granularity tagging of content, used for searching, versioning, and filtered publishing. 
  • Documents and (sub)chapters can be embedded in other documents, allowing centralized control of content. 
  • Users can create notes within the document, react to it, share it with other users by mail with a deep link, and apply status with due dates to notes. 
  • The workflow module enables more advanced processes of multiple users within multiple documents. 
  • The database module allows the creation of structured data to be embedded as forms or reports in the documents. 
  • Spreadsheets can be embedded in the documents, and showing automatically the latest version of the used file. 
  • Various types of interactions - like multiple choice exercise and text fields entry - are used for eLearning purposes. 
  • Author-e documents can be published to various channels, like Word, PDF, SCORM, ePub, HTML and XML. 
  • Images and other assets are stored within the embedded DMS, and show the usage and location of each asset in Author-e documents. 
  • An API allows for external control of the above functionality.

What is offered: 

Within the Change2Twin project Author-e and Cordis are offering both tools in a combined solution. Within the Cordis SUITE users will create low-code models that initial are run within a Digital Twin setting, and eventually will run real industrial processes. When creating those low-code models, the user can enrich the graphical models with descriptions, and create by a single click the according design documentation. Every version of a low-code model stays in sync with the documentation content. Mutations between documentation versions are rendered in a changes document, which will be supportive to the life cycle management.